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APOnline Help

This is an online help page intended to introduce you to AP Online. You will also know how to use the AP Portal to satisfy your requirements.

Information services help  | Interactive web services help

What is APOnline?

AP Online, like any other web portal is a interactive portal which combines information content and interactive web services into one single fabric. This portal is meant primarily for the citizens/businesses of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Through AP Online, the citizen has comprehensive access to information content and web services through a single window.

Through AP Portal the citizens can avail a wide variety of services like registrations, issue of certificates, utility services, payments services. In addition, regularly updated information about matters of general concern to the citizens is available for access through the portal home page.

Information services provided by APOnline

The information content of AP Portal is available through the APOnline home page. The home page can be accessed using a browser like Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer. The APOnline home page is freely accessible to anyone who has an internet connection and one of the browsers mentioned above.

The AP Online home page provides a wide variety of information about Andhra Pradesh like:

  • Information about AP geographical as well as political
  • Policies of the Government of AP
  • Programmes and schemes initiated by the government of AP
  • Gazzettes and government brochures
  • Information about legislature and judiciary 
Some of the other important features of the home page are:
  • Contact details of various government functionaries (e.g. telephone numbers, e-mail id's etc.) can be obtained by clicking on the Government Resource Center link and through the further pages.
  • Information about the various departments and the various organizations under them can be obtained by clicking the Departments link and navigating the succeeding pages.
  • The Site Map link provides a comprehensive collection of links to all the information content on the home page.
The home page also provides the information related to the interactive services provided by AP Online:
  • Application forms of various departments (go to the online filling link to get this information).
  • Various grievances that can be forwarded through AP Online (go to the Online Services grievances link for this information).
  • Offcials to whom representations can be made
  • Information regarding tax payments and bill payments
Miscalleneous information provided:
  • Various events happening in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad
  • News about the country and the state
  • Opinion polls on popular issues of the day
  • Emergency services (medical, fire-services etc.) information.

Interactive web services provided by APOnline

AP Online provides several interactive services which can be availed by the citizen. In order to avail the services, the citizen/business must register as a user with AP Portal. This registration can be done from the home page itself. Without registering, the citizen cannot avail the interactive services provided by AP Online.

Upon registering with AP Online, the citizen/business is given a unique userId and a password using which, various services provided can be availed. Services can also be customized as desired.

Every service is availed by raising a service request through an online application form. Attachments may have to be submitted with the form as mentioned by the service pre-requisites. These attachments may have to be submitted online (along with the form via internet) or offline (via post or other means). Every care must be taken to see that all necessary attachments are submitted and the application form is correctly filled as per the instructions in the pre-requisites. Acknowledgement is sent to the citizen on submitting the application form.

Every service request raised is treated as a transaction with AP Online and is given a transaction Id. The status of the request (transaction) can be queried by as it progresses through the various stages of departmental processing. At the end of processing, the processing authority issues an online certificate (if required) which can be downloaded and printed.